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Sense of Freedom (2020)

What is the thin line between document and art? Isn’t it that art is a document of its time? Isn’t it a document of the artist’s position and worldview? What is the difference between our ordinary daily lives and the events that change history…

2020 was a year we would not forget. A global pandemic, a global change in attitudes, change in our understanding of freedom… We, at the Balkans have very special sense of freedom but it seems we have never achieved it.

2020 was also a year of mass anti-government protests in Bulgaria. I went outside to capture them all from my personal point of view. I wanted to catch the emotions, to convey the excitement without creating an objective document of the events. I wanted to be there and to present that feeling. I swam along with human faces, gestures and colors. The ecstasy of rebellion made me tingle hundreds of times.

For now, the storm has subsided. But I have a premonition of how it will rise soon, because our sense of freedom is still being tested.